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Why should you make Escape Room Nigeria your next company outing or team building activity? There are all kinds of reasons why escape games make great work events.

Groups work together to solve problems and make progress as a team. Our game is mentally stimulating and doesn’t require much physical exertion, so it’s a safe choice for all types of employees. And the environment is fun and exciting — leagues ahead of traditional team building exercises.

Teams must do the following to break into the vault:

  • COMMUNICATE – talking to yourself or holding information only brings you closer to a failed attempt
  • LEAD – well, someone must take the lead and ensure others are constructively contributing to the team
  • FOLLOW –being a good follower is the first step to becoming a great leader
  • LISTEN – following instructions will greatly increase one’s chances of completing the game
  • OUTSIDE THE BOX THINKING – and there will be lots of this because you can only crack the codes by combining different elements of the room; nothing is ever in isolation
  • WORK TOGETHER – this is the ultimate about the game; you can only make it out if you work together as several puzzles are set up to ensure it cannot be solved by only person